Company Profile

Company profile

Fresh, healthy and delicious too! That’s what makes the potato into a worldwide valued food product.

Verhagen Holland has been faithful to the potato industry for decades with the import, export and trading of potatoes. Trust is a very important factor and therefore we strive to find the right products that best meet your needs.

The potato varieties we trade are selected based on quality, good taste and transport resistance. Amongst consumer varieties we distinguish three segments: table, export and industrial potatoes.

Potatoes have been our core business for many years. But ‘supply and demand’ have met each other through our company. Therefore we have added the trade in onions, carrots, cabbage, garlic and deepfrozen fries to our business over the years. On the products page you will find  a more elaborate  description of these.

Through our large network we are able to maintain a constant source of popular and sought after agricultural products in the market. When it comes to  doing business with Verhagen Holland we think of the following keywords: quick action, interesting price agreements, proper implementation and good service.